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A small selection of the work
we have undertaken;

Skyfall (Bond 23)

Captain America

Quantum of Solace (Bond 22)

The Descent 2

Alice in Wonderland


Mama Mia


Casino Royal (Bond 21)

The Golden Compass

Bourne Ultimatum

Da Vinci Code

Jonathon Creek

Inspector Morse

Railway Children

Tipping the velvet

and many more...


4x4 Vehicles

4x4 equipment deployment4x4 equipment deploymentWe offer open back pick up trucks and trailers for easy deployment of equipment across off-road locations where the tech-trucks cannot get to.

Sealed lockable box trailers are ideal for camera department and other high value items to protect against bad weather or theft.

The vehicles are equally at home in Town and City locations when you are unable to park all the tech-trucks by the location due to weight/height access or council parking restrictions.

A 4x4 vehicle is useful to work between location and tech base.

Office: 01371 870415 | Fred: 07850 962016 | Colin: 07860 279859